About Us

Mission Statement

Using the sport of soccer to empower youth in order to enrich their lives and develop as leaders in their communities. CORE VALUES:
  1. Giving Back – our young coaches direct their passion into helping their communities.
  2. Respect – Respecting themselves and honoring the dignity of others regardless of who they are or where they come from.
  3. Excellence – We expect the best of ourselves and each other.
  4. Empowering others – Helping others succeed and solve problems through teamwork and seeing each challenge as an opportunity to grow and learn.
  5. Be transparent – Encourage honesty, respect, and open and clear communication in all we do.

Who We Are

The YCP consists of boys and girls ages 14-18 from all over New Rochelle including students from both middle schools and our high school. Although it is not required, most of our members are student-athletes. Many of them were once Recreational League players growing up. They are supervised by our YSNR Director and on-site professional coaches, also consisting of New Rochelle residents.  YSNR is a grass-roots soccer program dedicated to serving our community. We do not turn anyone away. The YCP members also allow many students use to obtain community service hours, first-hand work experience, and prepares them for managerial and supervisor roles.  

What We Do

Our goal is to provide our young coaches the skills to manage a group of children, ages 4-10, and ensure they are learning and having fun each day of the Recreational League. The young coaches aid in planning and assisting soccer training sessions as well as all field set up and clean up. Overall, the young coaches look to bring their love of soccer to the field and impart their enthusiasm and positive attitude to our Recreational League players and parents.

The basis or our YCP is a pathway system. We have three different levels of young coaches. We vary from Junior coaches to Senior young coaches and the goal is to reach Manager level young coaches as alumni.

  • The focus of our junior coaches (ages 12-16) is to develop their maturity and responsibility so they can take direction from other more experienced coaches.
  • Our junior coaches primarily responsible in making sure the field is up and running by 8:45 by the time our first kids arrive each day.
  • Our Senior coaches assist in setting up but play a larger role in hands on training with the children. Our Senior young coaches can perform basic coaching skills under the direction of our YSNR supervisors or professional trainers and can run a 30-minute training session with a group of 6-8 kids.
  • Our managers are one of the most important roles in our organization because they are the ones that make sure everything runs smoothly from set up to training to final break down and clean up. Our managers are also the first faces the kids see each day.

Our History

THE YOUNG COACHES PRORGAM (YCP) was founded in 2015 by the Youth Soccer of New Rochelle (YSNR) Recreational Board to give New Rochelle middle and high school students, particularly soccer athletes, the opportunity to work with the recreation soccer program.  In doing so, the members of the YCP would get valuable first-hand experience learning to coach under the guidance and direction of our professional trainers.
The members of the YCP would also learn to function as part of a team with the goal of imparting their passion for soccer to the younger children in the Recreational League.  The YCP has grown tremendously over the years and is a staple of YSNR’s program each week. We are proud to note that all our young coaches have graduated from High School and College. 

Our Program Offers

  • Develop and empower young students-athletes so they can contribute to enriching the lives of younger kids in our community via our Recreation Soccer program.
  • Firsthand learning experience on the field to engage & interact with professional trainers, parents and players.
  • Give young coaches the opportunity to develop their resume and grow in managerial experiences throughout high school and college.
  • Opportunity for young coaches to build community work credits with the work focus on students becoming college and career ready.
  • Train students, transform students and educate students
  • Some of our young coaches have been selected by their teachers and principals to tutor younger students in math, science, language art and social studies.
  • Volunteer student hours will be used towards community services hours and college recommendation.
  • Our YCP also seeks to provide a supportive environment to help our students learn how to find balance and succeed as while facing stressors.
  • We directly address mental wellness to increase awareness and reduce any stigmas associated with mental health.
  • Learn job search skills and including starting a business.
  • Learn how to invest and manage money.
  • Learn how to manage daily expensive and budget.

Our Impact

Many of our young coaches start in middle school. Throughout the past seven years, our YCP has graduated over 200 young coaches. Many of which have gone on to continue to further their education at the college level. Even in college, many of our young coaches continue with our program. Here are just a few of our graduated young coaches and what they are up to presently:

Christopher Collins (Class of 2020)- Nyack College/YSNR YCP manager
Nacir Meikle (Class of 2020)- SUNY Broome
Jorge Gonzalez (Class of 2020)- YSNR operation manager/YCP director Barbara Meda (Class of 2022)- Lehman College
Jose Deleon (Class of 2020)- University at Albany
Judah Johnson (Class of 2020)- West point Military academy
Arianna Beharry (Class of 2021)- Mercy College/ YSNR YCP manager
Giselle Reyes (Class of 2022)- NYU
Miranda Fritsch (Class of 2021)- Rollins College
Jordan Reyes (Class of 2021)- WCC/ YCP manager
Sebastian Tejada (Class of 2021)- Iona College/YSNR YCP manager
Sean Benko (Class of 2021)- Cornell University/YSNR YCP technology